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Shereni Tech is a proudly Zimbo group which is dedicated to bringing Zimbabwean entities online, one site at a time. We recognize and realize the importance of you being the proud owner of a website that potrays you and your brand in the truest light. Our dedicated team specializes in web design and development, digital marketing and logo design. We strive to create captivating web websites that best represent who you are and what you do whilst also customizing them for Zimbabwean consumers. Whether you want to establish your online presence or just give it a facelift, we are here to serve your needs with custom-made solutions.

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We are a solutions-based company thus we strive to customize our websites to fully represent you and attract and retain your target audience. We are here to serve you regardless of whether you want to establish your online presence, give your website a facelift or you are somewhere inbetween as our services include:

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