August 19, 2017


STEP ONE : Vision

Understanding your core values and goals is of the utmost importance for us. Who you are influences our creative purpose as we seek to give you a uniquely captivating site. Your website should be stand-alone advert for your brand and identity, thus we strive to make websites that attract and retain your consumers.

STEP TWO : Creative Process

After getting to know you and your brand better, we then move on to the fun part: creating your website. Our goal is to help give you an online presence like no other. Thus, we go to the drawing board and come up with several designs before we settle on one which we present to you with a detailed proof of concept.

STEP THREE : Fine Tuning

We always strive to make you the center of it all, thus after presenting you with a proof of concept, we then set to refine and customize your website as per your recommendations. Here at Shereni Tech, we believe that the customer is king!

STEP FOUR : Final Draft 

After countless hours of editing and customization, we present you with a well-thought-out website that will appeal to your consumers and make you the envy of your peers. We always strive to surpass your expectations and make your online presence felt.

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